About Us

Our company, which has come to this day by rising on solid foundations since 1985, in the plastics industry; 10 brands, including 5 Patented and 3 Utility Model approved, PASPAYI®, KAROAPP®, KÜMBET KÖR KALIP®, MONODUCT®, TÜNEL SEGMENT®, RAYTUT®, GEOANKRAJ®, NOZUL FILTER®, YORUM KALIP® It continues its growth steadily by achieving success with its more than 1,500 registered product range.

Learning, researching and developing are among the basic features of the company. Being a successful and reliable brand is the focus of its services. With its service network in all six continents extending from the Americas to Australia, it spreads its sphere of influence throughout the world. Today our company, Erol Köstek family, devoted management team and 120 personnel, serves our country by actively exporting to more than 60 countries. 

Our Vision

To maintain its pioneering and leading position in Turkey, to be among the brand companies in the world.

Our Mission

To contribute to the durable, high-quality and reliable construction of all kinds of structures in and out of the country for the benefit of the individual and society, together with all its stakeholders, with a customer-oriented approach and social responsibility awareness; To produce environmentally friendly, innovative and technological building elements in an efficient way and to offer them to the service of institutions and organizations.